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Monday, June 11, 2007


Relaxation is most neglected subject among Yoga practicing people, sportsmen and top executives, business people and others. And that is why in the long run people suffer with number of ailments. Generally people do yoga in hurry and bury and without doing relaxation at the end. In that case they loose all the benefits of doing yoga practice. Relaxation means to give rest or quietness to the body and mind. In relaxation rejuvenates the body by creating panic energy and to recoup lost energy. In rest period only, the active glands come down to normalcy; during that period only one will redouble his energy to work actively and energetically. By continuous work, the body becomes over tired and tense, hence it needs rest. This is the point at which the body and mind demands compulsory rest otherwise if refuses to work efficiently and falters in doing the work. When you are over exerted or tired the body itself gives warning to go for rest. If you disobey the warning, yourself suffer from increased respiratory rate and palpitation of the heart. Without proper rest to the heart, the nervous system also becomes wear and tear and weak. Hence the relaxation should not be neglected under any cost.
Yogacharya Balaiah Kovuru
Secunderabad (A.P)


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