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Friday, June 08, 2007

Ayurveda, Yoga and Nature (Herbs Minerals) Heritage for survival of human beings

Ayurved is a science of ages and also of life. This has its roots in B.C. it was the only system, which had wide spectrum of prophylactic and preventive medicines, knowledge of cure of sickness and its treatment and maintenance for over all health care.
Yoga is a science, which balances the body and nature and develops human personality. Yoga and Ayurved has worked with nature for survival since the ages. Deep knowledge of herbal remedies, agriculture, eco-balancing, identification of herbal, traditional knowledge specifically in tribes of mother and child care also for animal, human diseases and nature. Since origin of human race Ayurved, has detailed the knowledge in Ayurved and Yoga disappeared before the independence. But this knowledge has long life. None of the science is as old as this in our country. Urbanization, modernization, deforestation and destruction of nature is again switching human beings to adopt this valuable knowledge toe protect health and to prevent yourself. Now many plants people nature are extinct. We have to think over for survival of Yoga and Ayurved for the human life longevity.
Dr. Rajesh Shukla
Sagar (M.P)


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