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Friday, June 01, 2007


Sudden brief abnormal electric waves produced in the brain are known as seizures. The tendency to have seizures or fits is known as epilepsy. Seizures can occur in certain conditions involving the brain and its coverings like very high fever, meningitis, encephalitis, tumours of the brain, etc. Seizures may involve a part of the body with momentary loss of consciousness or it may involve the whole body and loss of consciousness could last for several minutes. The causes of epilepsy are head injury resulting from birth trauma or later during the life. This type of epilepsy is known as scar epilepsy. Certain drugs are also known to induce seizures.

Signs and symptoms
A typical epileptic seizure involves 4 phases the 1st being aura where an individual anticipates a seizure. The 2nd phase is the tonic phase where the muscles tighten followed by the sudden relaxation which is the chronic phase. This is followed by a state of unconsciousness that may last several minutes. Uprolling of eyes, tongue bite, drooling of saliva, involuntary discharge of urine and faeces may occur. This type of seizure is known as Grand Mal. The other forms are petit mal, tics, etc.

Home remedies:
If it’s a first convulsion that a person has experienced, it is advisable to seek medical help immediately. If a person is a known epileptic, following remedial measures can be adopted.
  • Take a mixture of ½ cup of ash gourd juice, chunk of sugar and 3-6 grams of liquorice root powder twice a day. Ash gourd juice taken singly is also beneficial.
  • Rasonksheepak can be made by crushing 3-4 cloves of garlic and boiling it in a mixture of ½ cup milk and ½ cup water. Heat it till half the solution evaporated. Strain the mixture and have it once during the day.
  • Keeping the bowels smooth and regular is beneficial. To aid bowel movements take ¾ teaspoon of triphala churna with warm water at bed time.
  • Leaves of brahmi can be chewed daily followed by a cup of milk
Diet and lifestyle considerations
  • Avoid oily and spicy food items and stress
  • Keep the house free from sharp objects so that the patient may not hurt themselves in case of seizure.
  • Patients of epilepsy should avoid working at heights.
  • Brihat vata kulantak rasa is very effective but is to be taken only after consulting a physician.
  • Mix 500gms each of vacha churna and akarkarabh churna. Take the mixture twice daily with 10 gms of brahmiprash
  • Take 20ml of sarasvatarishtam with equal quantity of warm water twice daily after food
  • Cow’s ghee is a very useful remedy which can be used for nasya as well as for internal consumption.
  • 250mg of smruti sagar rasa can be taken thrice daily with warm water.

The condition in which the blood supply to any part of the brain is suddenly cut off is called a stroke. The blood supply to the brain can be impaired due to following reasons:
Blockage in the vessel which supplies the blood to the brain – the obstruction could be within the vessel like a clot of blood (thrombosis) or globule or fat (embolism) or the cause can be outside the vessel e.g. tumour etc. which compresses the vessel from outside.
The blood vessel may rupture leaking the blood outside the vessel (haemorrhage). The brain tissue which does not receive blood gets damaged causing impairment of that organ which it controls. It could affect one limb, two limbs, all four limbs, speech, facial muscles, etc This is what is commonly known as paralysis. Some strokes may last only for a short while and could be occurring due to momentary stoppage of blood supply caused by spasm in the vessel. These types of attacks are known as transient ischaemic attacks.

Important risk factors:
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Drinking and smoking

Signs and symptoms
Initially sudden severe headache occurs followed by slurring of speech and / or drunken gait, weakness in any of the limb or facial paralysis. In severe cases, person might lose consciousness and become comatose. Strokes that usually occur following a haemorrhage are often fatal.
Other symptoms a person might experience are loss of sensation or abnormal sensation, loss of control over bowel and bladder and unilateral dilation of pupil may be noticed.

Home remedies
Patients has to be hospitalized at the earliest. Once the person survives the initial phase, measures can be taken to improve the quality of life. Medications to help repair the damaged brain tissue should be administered. During convalescing period herbal remedies are highly useful. Mood swings are commonly observed in the patients and hence emotional support from family members is highly important. Gentle exercise and massage to prevent muscular atrophy are the only treatment that can be given at home. However, these are of vital importance.

Ayurvedic remedies
250mg of tab ekangveer rasa to be given thrice daily with warm water.
The contents of capsule palsineuron (phyto pharma) are to be taken out and mixed with honey. Take 2 capsules like this daily
60mg of brhitvatachntamani to be taken thrice a day.
Ayurvedic panchakarma procedures such as virechan, nasya and basti if employed with the right ingredients brings about faster recovery.

Dr. Purnima Vinod BAMS
Global ayurveda (Dec-Jan 2007)


  • Hi - I have a very close friend who has petite mal seizures. She has been taking a combination of allopathy and homeopathy. Are there any ayurvedic cures that work? Can you please advise? Please email me

    By Blogger Monish, at 1:30 AM  

  • please advise me for my 39 month child who hasno speech andcannot walk independently he has a history of jerks in which his head and body move very fast but fora split second only never has he lost consciosness he is taking antiepileptic drug which fails to work very well he hadthese seizures after a very high temp when hewas 15 months since then he has them daily esp when heis emotional or tired or stressed he has more. not asingle day has passed without them. i really want to try an effectve remedy but he's small so i worry. he has a history of constipation aswell.i have been advised to check that his cerebral circulation is ok as he might have something impairing it. but mri done 2 years ago showed nothing. i dont know what else to do. please help with any advice for home remedies you might feel suitable.

    By Blogger tahira sufi, at 6:01 AM  

  • hi, im a sufferer of anxietyneurosis. is there an effective cure in ayueveda? i m extremely distresed with this condition.i m vexed with the allopathic medicines.i request ur immediate attention to this problem

    By Blogger sagar, at 11:30 PM  

  • hi
    my brother had met with a car accident in USA and he is suffering from fat embolism in brain becz of which he is now unable to talk and understand us.
    is there anything which u can advise with so that his speach and memory will come as soon as possible. plz email me on

    By Blogger shruti, at 10:16 PM  

  • hi my brother has been diagnosed with epilepsy...he is 25 yrs old but got seizures just thrice in three years.....i doubt if they were epileptic...he s been taking valproic acid since a year...should he discontinue the medicine ?

    By Blogger kiaan, at 8:11 PM  

  • hi my brother has been diagnosed with epilepsy...he is 25 yrs old but got seizures just thrice in three years.....i doubt if they were epileptic...he s been taking valproic acid since a year...should he discontinue the medicine ?

    By Blogger kiaan, at 8:12 PM  

  • I have a 2 year old son, he is suffering from epilepsy, what treatment can be given to hom?

    By Blogger Pranav Arya, at 10:32 PM  

  • I have a 2 year old son, he is suffering from epilepsy, what treatment can be given to him?

    By Blogger Pranav Arya, at 10:32 PM  

  • I have a 2 year old son, he is suffering from epilepsy, what treatment can be given to hom?

    By Blogger Pranav Arya, at 10:33 PM  

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  • I had an epileptic fit for the first time 5 years ago in the middle of supermarket on my birthday of all days, wasn't fun for my kids to see it, it still haunts, I've tried many anticonvulsants and had never been able to stop the seizures. Surgery was not an option. I was still an epileptic patient, who have completely lose hope. As the problem is always embarrassing and disturbing. While surfing the internet one fateful day, I learned about Doctor on the internet called Lawson. I contacted him with some info and I ordered for the Herbal medication and used the medication for 6 months, though hesitantly, considering the fact that I have done a lot of procedure. After which I went for medical test It worked! I've been seizure free, Over a year now, I have not show any symptoms of seizure and I believe I am cure if you want to contact him at this email 657-1274

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