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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cardio vascular system and its effect through yoga

Cardio vascular system refers to the circulatory system related with the cardiac muscle. The cardiac muscular organ involved in the process is called heart.
This brief introduction o cardio-vascular system reveals its importance in organic life. Thus it is very much essential to look after it. Now-a-day many diseases concerned to it like diabetes, high B.P., high cholesterol, etc., one of the traditional and effective method to prevent these problems in yoga. This method only utilizes the meditation power of one’s own thus no risk of side effects from any external agent.
Cardiac (heart) disease and also arteriosclerosis (blood vessel degeneration) are the largest killers in the affluent segments of world society today every year. Many millions of people die from the complications of cardio-vascular degeneration including hypertension, chronic heart failure, stroke (cerebre-vascular accident). In addition, many more experience the anguish of chest pains known as angina pectoris, which indicate cardiac strain in the activities of their daily life.
According to yogic science, recognition of the patterns and effects of the emotional states upon the heart and mind absolutely essential for sufferers from cardiac strain or those recovering from a cardiac crisis. This is achieved through the practice of yogic relaxation, yoga nidra and meditations (dhyan). Mastery of a scientific technique of relaxation like yoga nidra is the most important first step in recovery from cardiac crisis through yoga. Meditation is fundamental to yoga life. It gradually instills peace, stability and increasing awareness into the life of the individually who is trapped in the throes of pain, fear, insecurity and emotional agony which accompany heart diseases.
Raj Kumar Gautam
Sagar (MP)


  • Dear
    Good artical
    But is there any proof clinical or some trials done on this? I would like to know urgently. Dr. Dhar has done some work but i do not have anything about that

    By Blogger kiran phalke, at 5:19 AM  

  • Ayurveda has been always great but as far as I know when blockage increases one have to move to hospital in case of cardio and vascular diseases.

    By Blogger richard wilson, at 7:12 AM  

  • When the problem is mechanical it should be done that way.There is no substitute for surgery and or stents in case of sever cases of blockages in the cornery arteries.

    By Blogger kiranphalke, at 7:11 PM  

  • Yes that's what I was saying .... in severe cases we can't stay as it is taking only Ayurvedic medicines.

    By Blogger richard wilson, at 9:52 PM  

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